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Japan is renowned for its vibrant food culture, and one of the best ways to experience it is by visiting an izakaya. These traditional Japanese gastropubs offer a relaxed setting where you can indulge in a diverse range of Japanese cuisine and beverages. From savoring delicious yakitori skewers to enjoying a refreshing glass of sake, izakayas provide a unique dining experience that combines great food, drinks, and a lively atmosphere. In this article, we will explore the top 15 izakaya chains in Japan, where you can immerse yourself in the flavors of this fascinating country.


Gyu-Kaku is a popular izakaya chain in Japan that offers a diverse range of Japanese cuisine and beverages in a relaxed setting. With over 700 locations across the country, Gyu-Kaku has become a go-to destination for locals and tourists alike.

Izakaya Chains

One of the highlights of dining at Gyu-Kaku is the interactive grilling experience. Each table is equipped with a charcoal grill, allowing customers to cook their own meat and vegetables to their liking. This hands-on approach to dining adds an element of fun and excitement to the meal, making it a memorable experience for everyone.

Exploring the Best Izakaya Chains in Japan

Gyu-Kaku is known for its high-quality meat selection, with options ranging from premium cuts of beef to succulent pork and chicken. The menu also includes a variety of seafood options, such as shrimp, scallops, and squid. Vegetarians are not left out either, as Gyu-Kaku offers a selection of grilled vegetables and tofu dishes.

To enhance the flavors of the grilled meats and vegetables, Gyu-Kaku provides a range of dipping sauces and marinades. From classic soy sauce to spicy miso and garlic-infused sauces, there is something to suit every palate. These sauces add an extra layer of depth to the dishes, elevating the overall dining experience.


In addition to the grilled items, Gyu-Kaku also offers a wide selection of appetizers, salads, and side dishes. From crispy gyoza dumplings to refreshing seaweed salad, there are plenty of options to whet your appetite. The menu also includes traditional Japanese dishes like tempura, yakisoba, and donburi bowls, ensuring there is something for everyone.

To complement the delicious food, Gyu-Kaku offers an extensive beverage menu. Sake lovers will be delighted by the variety of sake options available, ranging from dry and crisp to sweet and fruity. For those who prefer beer, Gyu-Kaku offers a selection of local and international brews. Non-alcoholic options like green tea and soft drinks are also available.

The relaxed and casual atmosphere at Gyu-Kaku makes it an ideal place to unwind after a long day of exploring. Whether you are dining with friends, family, or colleagues, Gyu-Kaku provides a comfortable setting for socializing and enjoying good food. The friendly and attentive staff ensure that your dining experience is pleasant and enjoyable.

With its wide range of menu options, interactive grilling experience, and inviting atmosphere, it’s no wonder that Gyu-Kaku is one of the top izakaya chains in Japan. Whether you are a meat lover, seafood enthusiast, or vegetarian, Gyu-Kaku has something to satisfy your cravings. So, the next time you find yourself in Japan, be sure to indulge in the diverse range of Japanese cuisine and beverages at Gyu-Kaku.


In conclusion, Japan offers a diverse range of izakaya chains where one can indulge in a variety of Japanese cuisine and beverages in a relaxed setting. These top 15 izakaya chains provide a unique dining experience, showcasing traditional dishes such as yakitori, sushi, and tempura, along with a wide selection of alcoholic beverages including sake and shochu. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, visiting these izakaya chains allows you to immerse yourself in the vibrant food culture of Japan while enjoying a casual and laid-back atmosphere.

What is Gyu-Kaku?

Gyu-Kaku is a Japanese yakiniku restaurant chain where customers grill their own meats and vegetables at their table. It offers a variety of meat cuts, side dishes, and dipping sauces.

Where can I find Gyu-Kaku locations?

Gyu-Kaku has locations throughout Japan and internationally, including the United States, Canada, and various countries in Asia. You can find specific locations on their official website.

What types of meats are available at Gyu-Kaku?

Gyu-Kaku offers a wide selection of meats including beef, pork, chicken, and seafood. Popular choices include short rib, ribeye, pork belly, and shrimp.

Do they offer vegetarian options?

Yes, Gyu-Kaku offers a variety of vegetarian options such as grilled vegetables, tofu, salads, and rice dishes.

What are the price ranges for dining at Gyu-Kaku?

Prices can vary depending on location and menu items, but Gyu-Kaku typically offers a range of affordable options, with set menus and à la carte items. Expect to spend between ¥2000 to ¥5000 per person.

Do I need to make a reservation?

While walk-ins are welcome, making a reservation is recommended, especially during peak dining hours and weekends, to ensure a table is available.

What is included in a typical set menu at Gyu-Kaku?

A typical set menu includes a selection of meats, vegetables, rice, soup, and sometimes dessert. Set menus are designed to provide a balanced and varied meal.

Can I bring children to Gyu-Kaku?

Yes, Gyu-Kaku is family-friendly and offers a comfortable dining environment for children. Some locations provide high chairs and children’s menus.

Are there any all-you-can-eat options?

Yes, many Gyu-Kaku locations offer all-you-can-eat (tabehoudai) options where you can enjoy unlimited servings of selected menu items for a fixed price within a set time limit.

What safety measures are in place for grilling at the table?

Gyu-Kaku ensures safety with built-in ventilation systems to reduce smoke, and staff provide instructions on how to grill safely. Additionally, grills are designed to be user-friendly and safe for customers.

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