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Regrow New Teeth: Breakthroughs in Japan
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Regrow New Teeth: Breakthroughs in Japan

Dentistry in Japan is about to change in a big way, thanks to Toregem Biopharma and Kyoto University. They are leading the charge in a new kind of dentistry that could let people regrow new teeth. This exciting science could change the game for dental regeneration, introducing a drug that helps new teeth grow. They're getting ready to start tests in July 2024, a big moment for Japan's dental breakthroughs. Key Takeaways They’ve created a unique drug that might make dental implants and dentures unnecessary. Japanese researchers are working on a way for us to regrow new teeth naturally. This could revolutionize dental regeneration, offering a fix for lost or decaying teeth. The efforts of Toregem Biopharma in regenerative dentistry might just make history. Everyone is waiting for ...
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